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JOKA Mareček s.r.o.
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JOKA-Mareček s.r.o. was founded in 1992 by two agricultural engineers, Vincenc and Čeněk Mareček.
The company exports breeding, stock and abattoir animals to 11 EU countries.
Currently it employs 5 employees.
JOKA-Mareček s.r.o. also owns and manages the Olešná Assembly Centre that is used for exporting animals between EU countries. It serves as a „checking point“ where animals travelling for more than 16 hours can rest.
The Centre Capacity:
  • 500 calves
  • 300 cattles
  • 100 cows and bulls
  • 100 heifers
  • 500 pigs
  • 500 sheep
The Olešná Assembly Centre offers full service for both the animals (bedding, feeding, lorry desinfection) and lorry drivers (shower, wc, kitchen).
Price: 300 EUR for dispatching one consignment (a lorry) of animals.
JOKA – Mareček s.r.o.
Purkyňova 445/6
59102 Žďár nad Sázavou
Czech Republic
Tel.:+420602484482 we speak German
Identification number: 27707237
Tax reference number: CZ27707237
Stable number: CZ6190900510

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